Разходи се с мен, iBeacon | Walk with me, iBeacon

The big city has become a part of the lives of millions if not even billions of people all around the world. According to the statistics[1], 66% of the population of the Earth in 2050 will be living in a big city, which is actually not that far to happen. The world is changing constantly and exactly in this permanent movement the future of the civilization and development is hiding.

In the very busy everyday life, fewer people realize that there may be actual interesting places, which rarely, if not at all, they might not be seeing. In such cities, very far from my capital Sofia, which someday may be included, are famous for being “smart cities”, in which lies the not stopping progress for innovation and the maximum level of communication with the surrounding world.

There is no exact definition of a “smart city”[2], but everything in them is being done for communication – something that in Bulgaria is very hard to be found. In those “smart” places technology is being used to reduce emissions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, usage of less natural fuels and replace them with electricity from solar systems. But beyond the spectrum of these so spectacular projects, there are those that are far less significant to nature than to human interaction with the world.

Internet of Everything (IoE) holds the meaning of information, being easily reachable for people, by generating value, far greater than just communication between objects. Exactly in those “smart cities”, such objects can be seen as doing interaction with people and other objects around – from the usage of clouds, for storing pictures and videos to sensors and GPS. Those at first sight very exotic sounding “objects” can improve the lives of people, opportunities for business and create new spaces of development.

Such platform is iBeacon. Most people have gotten used to of getting instant information, literally. And this is the main purpose of iBeacon – to satisfy the need of the people. It is no longer enough to just have access to information, but for it to get to you, alone, when you need it. This may sound strange, but actually, it isn’t. iBeacon is a very small device, that is being wired with Bluetooth and placed around the cities. Main goal – for every building, object, place or even garden, which holds information in itself, to reach your phone in seconds after being censored by iBeacon. Then, while you look at some beautiful building you can learn about the history or interesting fact about it even without using Google.

iBeacon doesn’t want to disturb people, but to help them and guide them in the world. Amsterdam is one of the first cities to equip  a whole mile for everyone to explore and enjoy sightseeing interesting places even without the need of taking their phone out, as the scientist there claim[3], that the device can sense whether a person wants to hear it, while wearing headphones or read it on the phone. [Follow my journey in Amsterdam and explore this smart city]

But the skills of iBeacon don’t end just there. With it everyone can easily navigate in Airports or learn for delays, check in a hotel while waiting for the flight or just make a payment. But this platform is not just for travelers, but also for those, who walk daily around interesting spots, which they might not even notice.

You can see for yourself can be quite different with such devices. Information can come on its own, but that doesn’t necessary make it trustworthy. In persons, everyday life he is being washed over with information, which he might not want, believe or just accept as important. That is why it is important to set up an appropriate trustworthy environment where such programs as iBeacon can be implemented and really help people who need it when they need it. Such practices are observed in major Dutch museums, where you can walk around with the headphones and the device in your hand and listen to near a given subject his story in a language, specified for your needs.

If you want to learn more about the iBeacon, you can find it here: Everything you need to know about iBeacon and the travel industry.

How tourism will change with iBeacon you can hear and see at the Webinar: ICYMI: How iBeacons Will Change the Travel Industry – Slides and Recording. And you can also check about Amsterdam’s Beacon Mile.

Don’t forget to check Google’s short introduction video:


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[2] Mapping Smart Cities in the EU. Available from:http://www.rand.org/pubs/external_publications/EP50486.html

[3] World’s Smart Cities – Amsterdam // National Geographic, 11.06.2017. Available from: http://www.natgeotv.com/za/worlds-smart-cities-amsterdam/about


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