Soest от северна Вестфалия | Soest from North Rhine-Westphalia

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Soest is a German city, which may seem small on the map, but actually, hides very interesting places. It is the second biggest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, placed only 50 km away from Dortmund.

Before you visit this ancient city, which actually exists from 836, and has real historical artefacts proving it was inhibited at least 4000 years ago, it is important to point all the interesting facts, spots and atmosphere, that is expecting every visitor.

The most famous building is the City Hall. Placed in the city centre and built in 1713 in a Baroque style. In front of it, there are always people, surrounding the stone map of the city, which is showing all the buildings in the city. But right beside the City Hall is the St Patrokli church, which has been built in 956 back from the Roman Empire. The church is very different from the others, and actually closer to the one in Cologne because it has a tower high 77 meters. St Petri is the other building, with which St Patrokli is sharing the titles for oldest buildings in Soest.

Around St Patrokli you can see other important buildings. One of them is the Wilhelm-Morgner House – a famous expressionist, whose art has been found in the city. Before the WWI Morgner has worked in Soest sometime before being killed at the age of 26. Today you can visit his 400 drawings and 56 paintings in the building, which in 1962 has been reconstructed and now used for exhibitions, where visitors can enjoy the art of XIX century.

Walking around the city you can find the Nicolai Kapelle church (you can find out easily that people in this region have very strong belief in religion and it’s quite noticeable by the crosses and other Christian symbols placed around the households. This church is comparably young – built in XII, yet when you visit it you can find out the curious story surrounding the main reason why it was built.

Another interesting stop for sightseeing in those small geographic parameters of Germany is the museum Burghof. While walking on Grandweg the so called main street (citizen of Germany just love naming their streets in ways very simple for tourists to get back on track). The building has bright colours and has been built in XVI and now has the Copper Engraving by Heinrich Aldeburgh. Behind the museum, you can see one old house in Roman style from 1200 and has been claimed to be the oldest building between the rivers Rhine and Weser.

If you want to learn more about this sightseeing points you can visit the city website[1].

Rittersche Buchhandlung P.G.Capell Soest, Deutschland
Rittersche Buchhandlung P.G.Capell Soest, Deutschland

The best place, which actually satisfies my eyes, is one little shop on Grandweg 1A called „Rittersche Buchhandlung P.G.Capell “. Before you even go inside the Knight bookstore you can see from far away the metal man, sitting on the stairs with his glasses and metal book. The cracking floor and authentic atmosphere have been preserved since 1836. The lovely librarians and variety of interesting books in German and English are awaiting every visitor.

Soest is a place, where you can walk around or have a nice dinner. Especially in this well-known restaurant, claimed to be one of the best for the citizens in the area, is Brauhaus Zwiebel. You can be surprised that to visit this place, you actually have to book it advance, which you can do online as well because this restaurant is usually crowded. Inside there is always delicious food in big plates and best Deutsche beer, and the specially made in Soest one. Brauhaus Zwiebel is in the city center and reached very easily by foot.

If you are interested in other interesting spots, where you can have a bite or just spent a nice romantic dinner, look on the website of the city for all the possibilities, which are suggested for tourists. There are plenty of adventures of everyone’s taste – from the lovers of sport to the ones who just like walking around in the forest or art halls.

[1] Short town walk //, 2017. Available from:


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