Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Welcome to the world of one language, which can make you really struggle, yet make you believe you can do anything. German is the most commonly used language in Europe. Besides the German and the Austrian, citizens from Switzerland, Lichtenstein and parts of Italy are those, who are speaking this language in their households. But if you are not part of those 95 million people, who speak it, you have to opportunity to simply put some time, a bit of money, and a fair share of actual hard work to learn it.

But instead of teaching you I want to show you how to make this language easier to understand in a couple of quick methods, which you can apply in your day.

  • Online courses and apps

unnamedDuolingo > Well-known for being one of the best free platforms for studying languages. Besides easy exercises, mixed with intensive once and constant recheck of previous levels, Dualingo gives an opportunity to study without no additional payment the language you want in only 35 hours (which is the optimal time the teacher estimate for the material to be passed successfully). Of course, there is a catch – studying in Dualingo requires a good level of English, from where you can start your course. This could be a problem but usually, helps to build up both languages at the same time.

16366399_303<Harry DW > A program from Deutsche Welle – Harry, stuck in a time warp. The story is fun, lessons are short and include video, followed by exercises. I admit, that you need to know basic English for the free course of 100 videos. But it’s easy and takes no time to learn German while unsolving the criminal story with Harry, who is just like you – trying to teach himself, German.

Goethe > Goethe Institut offers a free course, which is perfect for English speakers. Here you can choose freely from a variety of exercises and the program also supports socialising with other learners. But if you have to or insist on learning it from your native language, you can also follow the supported version, which suggests courses for people who want to learn it from all over the world and also for someone, who is already living in Germany. The prices are different, but not as expensive as other courses.

  • Movies

Never underestimate the power of language, especially if you want to learn it successfully. One of the most effective methods of learning new Sprache (as in German) is to watch and listen, at the same time. German speaking countries are very well-known for making great movies, and here is the list of few good ones, that can help you with your comprehension and understanding.

2,w=993,q=high,c=0.bild< Rubbeldiekatz > (2011) Comedy – Young actor, who can’t come forward from the lights of the small theatres finally gets the chance to act in a big Hollywood production. The only condition is that he has to play a role, as turning himself into a woman, into the movie and in the real life. Starring: Alexandra Maria Lara, Jenny Moore, Dejan Bucin и Matthias Schweighöfer.

downloadFack ju Göhte > (2013) Comedy – The prisoner Zeki Müller is finally out and free. The only thing, that he is interested in, is taking back the money, his friend has placed in the ground of the new built gym of the local high school. But to reach it he accepts a job as a teacher of the worse class there, who is ready to do anything, to ruin their teachers. Starring: Elyas M’Barek, Karoline Herfurth, Katja Riemann.

MV5BNDg4NjU3MTYzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzE2MDU2MjE@._V1_UY268_CR4,0,182,268_AL_< Who am I – Kein system ist sicher > (2014) Thriller – Benjamin is a normal kid with a computer, who can do special things. In the theme of „Fight club“ you will be introduced to people with small names, no last name and personal stories, without past or future, just here and now, ready to fight for their name to be placed next to the other hackers. Starring: Tom Schilling, Elyas M’Barek, Wotan Wilke Möhring.

418QX+ozKxL< Das Leben des Anderen  > (2006) Drama – Said to be one of the best German movies „Das Leben des Anderen“ is the story of life and people before the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the art, love, whats there, and not be said for those who die, without making a sound in a very dark time from a time not so far from the past. Starring: Ulrich Mühe, Martina Gedeck, Sebastian Koch.


Diewelle-movie-logo.svg< Die Welle > (2008 г.) Thriller – The lessons about dictatorship lead to one dramatic turn. Is it true that German citizens are automatically lead forward to the idea of being ruled or what is it like to be in high school, confused and without a control? Where is the border of the lesson and when do the people realise, that the bell has ringed a long time ago? Starring: Frederick Lau, Max Riemelt, Jennifer Ulrich.

v1< You are wanted > (2017) Thriller (Series) – The life of Lucas Franke is ordinary. Businessman, who lives in a wonderful home, with beautiful woman and son. Everything turns in a moment when his identity is being stolen online. It doesn’t belong to him anymore, but to a terrorist organisation, who is supposed that he is being part of. Where would a person go, to save his family? Starring: Matthias Schweighöfer, Alexandra Maria Lara, Franz Hagn.

  • Music

Sometimes, opposite of many other points of views, it could be hard to accept music in a different language. But it’s acceptable to be confused, yet not completely impossible to find a rhythm and sounds, that you might like. A big part of artists and their songs in German you can find in different sites as YouTube and Spotify. But here is a small piece of those ones, which could fit your mood or find them interesting:

Mark Forster

Wincent Weiss


 Johannes Oerding

Whatever you choose, to learn German with, you won’t make mistake. It is essential that you understand that every new beginning takes a lot of effort – to be consistent, to be practical and to learn that your results come in time.

Aller Anfang ist schwer.

– (every new beginning is hard)


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