По ръба | On the edge

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There is one German city, that is strangely staying unknown. With a population almost as big as my neighbourhood (known as the biggest in Sofia) Bielefeld is also one of the oldest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, made in 1214.

But how is that such a big city is easily being lost on the map? In one of Merkel’s upcoming visits of Bielefeld, she said: „… if it even exists.“

The borders of the city are quickly to be found, especially if you look at the sweet pudding made from Dr Oetker. There are barely that many people who actually realise that the creators of those ready-to-be-used delicious treats are being placed exactly in this unknown city, even in one of the most beautiful city buildings.

But if you leave aside the treats, Bielefeld, also known as Bierefeld (from bier in German), for its ironic combination of car numbers as BI 1234 ER, you can notice that this is actually a pretty happy place to visit. Universities, only a couple in this city, are actually offering good transport, varieties of possibilities of having fun and stadium, where you can actually see the great German football teams as BVB.

Small tip: If you are planning to study in Germany I highly recommend Universität Bielefeld. For what I can tell you for sure is that the fees are quite payable (around 250-300 euros per semester), while the campus is pretty good for studying Economics, Biology, Technology and even Chemistry, which could be indeed hard to find if you don’t want to pay big amounts of money for good education. Most important is that they offer English courses, so as German tutorials for people who are just signing up and don’t know the language. What’s even better is that those German courses are for free and enough to help you boost your skills before the semester starts. And one final treat is the free transport cart, which you get when you sign for Uni. Nice, ah?

In Bielefeld, you can actually feel the calmness of German cities. Instead of overcrowded streets, filled with people, you can enjoy the quiet parks, long empty squares, filled with coffee shops and very well designed buildings. In the centre part, there is the very well-known Old City Market, where usually is being placed Christmas Market. Those streets are just interlacing together, going up to the hill where the Sparrenburg Castle is.

With the view over whole Bielefeld the Sparrenburg Castle is perfect for enjoying the weather, taking a walk, or just be in with the nice company in the chilling afternoons. Walking up the hill could be a bit sweaty, but the view from above is fascinating. Seeing Bielefeld from there just makes the city looks somehow meek, humble, and truly calm.

For those, who would love to visit the city – you can choose from varieties of museums and other attractions, included in their tourist plan, or you can just walk your sneakers around. Whatever you decide you’ll quickly find it quite glücklich (as happy in German), with all those bikes, smiling people and students. But let it not fool you, this city is really like a from a postcard – tidy, beautiful and filtered to the smallest pavement.

If you are interested in Bielefeld you can check their Instagram profile and see more of the places, which you can visit in your staying.


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